For a while now I’ve been quietly dissatisfied with how I had my Patreon rewards structured. I had originally set it to early access to pages and sketch pages to higher backers but that doesn’t feel great on my end and it just ended up making me post sketches less often which isn’t fair to you guys.

And to make things worse when I started Bridgedflickered I ended up posting it outside of the early access structure because it wasn’t my “real comic” but clearly it’s become one of the main things I do so something has to change.

To that end I have today changed all reward tiers to what I think will be a more beneficial situation for everyone. I am of course open to feed back on this so if you have any thoughts feel free to let me know!

The new rewards are as follows:

First, all tiers gain access to my Discord! I haven’t 100% decided how best to utilise it, but I’m sure we can work something out in there.

At the $1 tier you get my thanks, updates on what’s going on around here and access to Other Tales pages as I draw them. At the end of each chapter I will upload the entire chapter at once here on the coalpoweredpress site.

At the $3 tier you are invited into the inner circle! You can vote on polls to decide elements of future comics, character designs, which story I should draw next, plot twists and anything else I feel like asking you good people.

At the $5 tier you get access to #thehaulershoard on discord where you can find high res, textless copy of each Other Tales page as I upload them and a large textless version of interesting Bridgedflickerd panels. I will also try to give you a preview of the next chapter of Other Tales before I start posting pages anywhere.

And any other bonus stuff I work on, sketches, colour illustrations, etc, will be available as public posts for everyone (with any relevant high res stuff going to my hoardhauler peeps).

Other than that I have removed higher tiers for now because honestly I don’t know what to offer for them. If you have any suggestions or comments please be sure to let me know and if you want to support either comic, please head over to Patreon and consider pledging.


– Lee

Rejiggering Rewards