My stem cells are back in me where they belong and I have been deposited back home. Certainly a big improvement on the past three weeks I spent trapped in the same bed.*
I’m still very tired all the time, like “I didn’t know it was possible to be this tired” kind of tired (presumably because I’m still regrowing my bone marrow/blood) but at least I’m crawling my way back to normal function.

At any rate, I’m getting better and will be able to get back into working shape soon I hope. I don’t want to say the whole ordeal is over because that’s a dangerous thing to say with this disease but I have a scan in the next 4 – 6 weeks to see if I’m still all clear and at least until then I am officially done with chemo!

As soon as I can muster up enough energy to wake up at a reasonable hour, I want to try some 5 am streaming on twitch as a way to get back into a work routine but that is all contingent my internet connection here being able to handle such a feat. Doing it early in the morning when traffic is low will give me the best chance but it’s still a long shot, small town New Zealand is not exactly known for it’s first class nets. If it does work, I’ll make another announcement and you can join me a couple times a week while I work on new pages.
As always, Thanks for reading!

– Lee

*At one point I needed a CT scan and I still didn’t leave the bed. They just wheeled me down, scanned, wheeled me back up and gave me some more morphine till I went back to sleep

Returned and returned