Today starts the third chapter of Bridgedflickered. The dwarves are all settled in and we have a new mayor- it’s time to start improving the fortress and showing off out wealth to the neighbours, starting with this fancy new bathhouse we have.

And just in case you want to see what it looks like in game, I took some screenshots of the baths, grand hall and surrounding area (including my no doubt horribly inefficient waterways)

The bunkhouse for my new recruits plus some of the fancier bedrooms.
Library and the bathhouse. It’s designated as a statue garden so dorfs will visit, clean themselves and enjoy the cool mists from the waterfall over the frogman statue.
Here the water drains off the map, plus you see my expansion plans for when I have fussy nobles to satisfy.
The Fort leaders office overlooking the great hall with its golden thrones below.

Bridgedflickered chapter 3!