A new chapter of Other Tales has arrived in time for the end of October. Just a quick story about pumpkarving. I mainly made this to test out a new way of drawing short comic s that can be cut up into 10 square tiles to fit nicely into an instagram post. Obviously I won’t be making the longer chapters like this, but if I have a quick 3-4 page idea it’ll be nice to have a way to get it out there on the socials.

And in related news, I’ll be doing Other Tales in colour from her on out. Since I’m making these primarily for the website now instead of printing them as doujinshi, it doesn’t really make sense to only do them in black and white.
Bridgedflickered will still be black and white for the strips with colour chapter title pages, but I have some extra stuff coming for the fortress fans as well so look out for that šŸ™‚

– Lee

Pumpkin carving and Other Tales

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