January is a time of reflections and resolutions, doubly so for me since I always officially get a year older right around New Years. So in that spirit I have taken some time to think about where I want my art to go in the coming year.
As I will hopefully be 100% done with all this cancer business and cleared to leave the country and get on with my life, I really need to start making some money again before my savings run out. So to that end I will be pushing into some more sellable arts while I try to grow my Patreon base.

The first step in that direction is getting some prints going . I have been looking at INPRNT as a venue for it but you have to actually get approved there to start selling so I’ll need to get a few finished before I set that up, but once I do I will be sure to announce it here. I don’t want to rush and just churn out mediocre stuff that wont sell, so I’m only aiming for 10 – 12 finished pieces for the year.

As for the comics side, I was fairly happy with the Bridgedflickered stuff I put out last year but Other Tales kinda slipped a bit. I know I have a good excuse and shouldn’t be hard on myself about it, but now that I’m getting better I want to do better this year. The biggest blocker with Other Tales is that I don’t want to start an ongoing story that updates on a schedule with no clear path. That is just asking for trouble and it’s why so many webcomics end up running out of steam or painting themselves into a corner and just get abandoned (which is what happened with my first two webcomics). Which is why Other Tales will be released one story at a time and each story will hopefully be a satisfying read on its own.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what shape I want those stories to take and I think I’ve come up with something I’m happy with. Every time I tried to plan out something marketable or come up with the kind of comic people would like it was a exhausting task and, by comparison, working on Bridgedflickered was just relaxing. So I’ve come to the decision after watching a great lecture by David Petersen called Drawing Like Yourself and watching people Justin Donaldson find success painting rocks and trees, that that is exactly what I should be doing, just drawing the stories that I want to see and trying to find the audience that wants to see them too.

So that’s where I’ll be taking the comic. It was always intended to be a collection of different kinds of stories, so sometimes it will be a shonenesque adventure and sometimes it will be a peaceful short about some aspect of daily life in the world I’ve created. I’ve been treating Bridgedflickered like a training ground in some ways, using it to find my style and discover exactly what it is that I like drawing and I’ve learned that I really love drawing background scenery and filling a scene with little details that hint at the larger world. I can’t wait to start applying that to Other Tales.

If you want to follow along as I work on it I’ll post each page for my Patreon backers, otherwise I’ll be putting the chapters up online for everyone when ever I finish one. I hope you will enjoy what I come up with and I hope your 2020 is the best it can be.

– Lee


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