As I announced yesterday over on Patreon, I’ve started chipping away at a new comic. It’s a 24 page day-in-the-life story set in the same universe as Bridgedflickered. I’m not sure yet if I will end up posting it publicly when I’m done (whenever that may be) but for now at least it will be patreon exclusive. The plan with it is to share and document every step of the process so if you are interested in seeing how I work, any patron at the Explorer tier or higher will be able to follow along and see how the comic comes together, from the initial idea, character designs, writing, etc. all the way through till it’s done.

The process posts will all be available on Patreon under the “one-shot process” tag and also here on the site as blog posts that you can access by logging in here with a Patreon account.

Working on a one-shot BF spinoff comic

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