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Art Twitchin’

In case you missed it (and most of you probably did because I am terrible at promoting myself) I have started streaming on twitch again!

My current schedule is two art streams each week, Mondays and Thursdays at 1pm ES. Thursdays are my comic streams where I work on that week’s page of Bridgedflickered, and on Monday I do a more general art stream working on whatever I have going on at the time. I’d love for any of you to stop by and hang out, I’m always happy to chat (and lets be honest with how I am and how the world is right now, I have exactly zero social interaction otherwise).

~ Lee

New Home, New York

It took two years longer than we were hoping, but I am finally living in New York with my lovely wife (or at least she will be my wife once we manage to find a city clerk office that is open with this pandemic going on). The cancer delay kinda messed up the timing in the worst way, so far I have been locked inside our apartment ever since I got here in self-isolation, but I can see the top half of the Freedom Tower and the Chrysler Building out the window. So that is nice.

In other good news, I was able to secure a battery for my surface pen so I can get some work done while we wait this whole thing out. I hope you are all holding up ok in this crazy new world we live in. Stay safe.


In moving limbo

First of all, sorry about missing the last week’s Bridgedflicked update, I’ve been working on it but I wanted it to be a funny one and it’s been kind of hard to get into a funny headspace to get it done with all the chaos that has been going on. Speaking of which–

I finally got my US visa granted so I can immigrate and move to New York to get married for real at last. Yay! I’ve been sorting out my stuff, getting ready to move and bought my ticket to the states for the end of this month… and then this pandemic situation exploded… yeah.
So now I am in limbo, not knowing if I am going to be able to get there (my ticket has had a “schedule change” with no indication of if it will be rescheduled at all) and if I can’t get through now, how long it will be until air travel opens back up again.

If I am able to make it in before everything gets shut down, I’m going to be shifted into another kind of limbo where in addition to being locked inside (again) while this virus is going on I won’t even be able to do any paid work online while I wait for my US work permit to come through, so that’s fun
I will still be working on comics of course, but once I get to New York I’ll pause the payment cycle on Patreon until it is legal to charge on it again (you can still pledge if you want to, won’t charge you anything during the pause) and I will also be taking commissions up until the day I leave, so if you are interested in that head over to the support page and check it out.

– Lee


January is a time of reflections and resolutions, doubly so for me since I always officially get a year older right around New Years. So in that spirit I have taken some time to think about where I want my art to go in the coming year.
As I will hopefully be 100% done with all this cancer business and cleared to leave the country and get on with my life, I really need to start making some money again before my savings run out. So to that end I will be pushing into some more sellable arts while I try to grow my Patreon base.

The first step in that direction is getting some prints going . I have been looking at INPRNT as a venue for it but you have to actually get approved there to start selling so I’ll need to get a few finished before I set that up, but once I do I will be sure to announce it here. I don’t want to rush and just churn out mediocre stuff that wont sell, so I’m only aiming for 10 – 12 finished pieces for the year.

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Pumpkin carving and Other Tales

A new chapter of Other Tales has arrived in time for the end of October. Just a quick story about pumpkarving. I mainly made this to test out a new way of drawing short comic s that can be cut up into 10 square tiles to fit nicely into an instagram post. Obviously I won’t be making the longer chapters like this, but if I have a quick 3-4 page idea it’ll be nice to have a way to get it out there on the socials.

And in related news, I’ll be doing Other Tales in colour from her on out. Since I’m making these primarily for the website now instead of printing them as doujinshi, it doesn’t really make sense to only do them in black and white.
Bridgedflickered will still be black and white for the strips with colour chapter title pages, but I have some extra stuff coming for the fortress fans as well so look out for that 🙂

– Lee

Bridgedflickered chapter 3!

Today starts the third chapter of Bridgedflickered. The dwarves are all settled in and we have a new mayor- it’s time to start improving the fortress and showing off out wealth to the neighbours, starting with this fancy new bathhouse we have.

And just in case you want to see what it looks like in game, I took some screenshots of the baths, grand hall and surrounding area (including my no doubt horribly inefficient waterways)

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I finally added a Patron only area to the website in which I can dispense Patreon rewards!
At the moment it just has the wallpaper sized panels available to Adventurer level Patrons but now that I know it works I can start thinking of other uses for it.

Returned and returned

My stem cells are back in me where they belong and I have been deposited back home. Certainly a big improvement on the past three weeks I spent trapped in the same bed.*
I’m still very tired all the time, like “I didn’t know it was possible to be this tired” kind of tired (presumably because I’m still regrowing my bone marrow/blood) but at least I’m crawling my way back to normal function.

At any rate, I’m getting better and will be able to get back into working shape soon I hope. I don’t want to say the whole ordeal is over because that’s a dangerous thing to say with this disease but I have a scan in the next 4 – 6 weeks to see if I’m still all clear and at least until then I am officially done with chemo!

As soon as I can muster up enough energy to wake up at a reasonable hour, I want to try some 5 am streaming on twitch as a way to get back into a work routine but that is all contingent my internet connection here being able to handle such a feat. Doing it early in the morning when traffic is low will give me the best chance but it’s still a long shot, small town New Zealand is not exactly known for it’s first class nets. If it does work, I’ll make another announcement and you can join me a couple times a week while I work on new pages.
As always, Thanks for reading!

– Lee

*At one point I needed a CT scan and I still didn’t leave the bed. They just wheeled me down, scanned, wheeled me back up and gave me some more morphine till I went back to sleep

Cancer update

I figured it was time to push a quick update out there on how things have been going with me healthwise in case anyone was wondering if I was even still alive or anything. I am. Alive, that is. Though if I had to give this whole ordeal a review I’mma go with zero stars for cancer. If you are thinking of trying out a disease, maybe go with the flu or something. This one’s not great.

There is always a lot of care to avoid saying anything with 100% certainty when it comes to this disease, but it does look like the end is in sight. I still have the most aggressive part of my treatment coming up in a bit which should finish mid July, then I will need to recover from that. After that though I should be able to throw myself back into work with everything I have.
So that’s the main takeaway here if you are waiting for more stories and arts, starting mid July I will be getting back into it at an increasing rate. But if you are curious about the whole journey or are one of the people I know in real life that I’ve been torturing by not telling anything, read on and I’ll give you a recap of it all.

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