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Hello again, welcome to the new and slightly improved coal powered press site.

I’ve updated the look a little, but far more importantly I’ve set it up to be the a home for the comics to live. New pages will be going up here as quickly as I edit them into English until I’m caught up, at which point they will go up here seven days after my Patrons get a look at them.

I’m also planning on using this site a lot more in general for any blogworthing things that occur to me as well as the main place for my comic related news. so expect to hear more from me here from now on.

– Lee


It’s that time again and I’m gearing up for COMITIA7, this year I will be at the table alone and I’ll be over at C15.

This time around I’m trying to put together an artbook around the seasons in Otherworld. It will be about 20 full colour pages and printed a little larger than the usual books. I’m currently posting the illustrations as I finish them up on my patreon page so give that a look if you’d like.


COMITIA5 postscript

The weekend is over and as is the launch of Other Tales and my first experience exhibiting at a Japanese comic market. COMITIA went well. Far better than I was anticipating to be honest, managed to sell out of our first print run about an hour before the end of the event. The feeling of sticking that sold out sign up on our banner was exactly as satisfying as it looked on all them animes I watched.

We will definitely be back for COMITIA6 next June with a reprint of this book plus a new, considerably longer issue. In the mean time progress on the story and behind the scenes sketches and illustrations will be going up on my Patreon page regularly.

COMITIA5 and other news

Now that it’s a little further along, here is an update on the aforementioned comic.

It is an collection of short stories called “Other Tales” or at least it will be once I do the English translations for now it’s called 他物語 (hokamonogatari). The first issue is finished and will be debuting at a small comic market in Sapporo this Sunday.


The first issue has two stories; “Joust” a somewhat cutesy fantasy story about a boy and his dog and “Lamplight” a slightly darker folklorish tale about a will-o-wisp. I will be finding a place for these online at some point but for now they will be available in print or on my Patreon page

New projects, old media


Since I’m now living in Japan and have access to a whole world of wonderful manga supplies basically everywhere I turn, I have begun working on a new comic. The first traditional media comic intended for print publication I’ve attempted in… 6 years I think.


However unlike “A Rindice Fairy-tale” which fizzled out in the first issue, I already have the first three chapters of this comic in various stages of completion (from fully written to finished inking).

Chapter 1. Joust
(a selection of pages form Chapter 1. Joust)


I am also in the process of putting these stories together into a print book to take to some doujinshi events around Japan so I’ll be posting more on that as it develops.