5 thoughts on “Big trouble

  1. I’ve seen a bunch of DF content were people build arenas and have their dwarves fight, but never understood why they would do this? Seems like an unnecessary risk to me (not very good at the game yet). Is it just due to boredom or is there an actual benefit?

    1. There isn’t any direct gameplay benefit (aside from a kind of risky way to train fighting skills), but the thing about DF is that there aren’t any set goals in the game. So people end up reacting to the story that forms from things happening in game and deciding what they think the dwarves would want to do as a result.

      In my case, we ended up locking ourselves underground with a caged giantess and a bunch of caged invaders. An arena fight to keep themselves entertained seemed only natural.

    2. You have to keep in mind, dwarf fortress is kinda of a “fantasy management generator”, once you dominate the basics the fun comes from objectives you create for hinself, If you try to play to just have a fortress with the basics and nothing more, it become incredible boring really quick.

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