6 thoughts on “Encounters

  1. “I remember the first time I laid eyes on Bridgedflickered, back when I was just a wagon guard. Those humble outer walls of hastily fashioned mudstone and granite giving way to the most beautiful fort my young eyes had seen. Towers of gleaming polished microcline bordered by brilliant marble brickwork, grand windows of sparkling gems shining a beacon of wealth out to the world. It was as if we believed that nothing could touch us, that we could pull untold riches from the earth forever without contest…

    what fools we were.”

  2. I’m enjoying the comic so much I decided to make BridgeFlickered in Minecraft using this image as a reference. I think it came out really well!

  3. NICE chapter cover art and text! Looks like i’ll be marathoning another webcomic overnight! (I only do that for the good ones, feel flattered.) 😛 Seriously, off to a great start.

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