3 thoughts on “Cellmates

  1. Anyone’s that got one of those has made that whupsie sooner or later. And dang, turtles too?

    I just got hedgehogs.

    1. On the bright side, at least I now have two captive weretorts ready to go. I’m sure they’ll be good for some FUN later on.

  2. I have weredeer everywhere. I looked it up in the legends to see where it came from, and eventually had a statue carved to memorialize the chain of curses. The statue shows the human God Sporro mutilating the goblin who defiled a temple, and also all the other weredeer who were direct curse-descendants of the weredeer who came upon our fort, and also a number of weredeer devouring the dwarves.
    I have another image of Zol, the god our queen worships, laying the smackdown on Sporro.

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