6 thoughts on “Close quarters

  1. You know it costs like ten extra seconds for a legendary miner to carve out at least an 8×8 room as opposed to a 1×3 …

    1. 10 seconds per room for (up to) 150 rooms + extra hallways to connect massive rooms means about an extra half an hour.

      Not much time but more than I would wanna spend when they can make due with 1x3s

      1. Then there is the whole pathing to consider. Larger rooms take more space and unless you really minmax it and build over multiple Z-levels, they will have to walk longer to and from their rooms too.

    1. I actually love staying in those capsule hotels in Japan, but only the really old tiny ones. Makes me feel like I’m living in an 80’s cyberpunk movie.

      1. If I ever had the chance to visit any major Japanese city, i’d totally live my Neuromancer fueled “Case in Chiba City” fantasies out in the equivalent of ‘Cheap Hotel’. I”ll make sure to have the 5 megabytes of hot RAM on me too, but the dewar flask of pituitary extracts might make boarding my flight to Japan a bit more difficult so i guess I’ll have to go without. :p

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