4 thoughts on “Pantheon part 4

  1. There is one final shrine in Bridgedflickered, one not found in a glittering temple like the others. Beyond the gilded tombs, at the far end of the catacombs, nestled into the wall and decorated with trophies of our fallen enemies, stands a granite statue of Robek.

    Dwarven deity of revenge.

    Depicted, not as an ornately clothed noble or finely armoured warrior, but as a simple woodcutter. For all dwarves carry within them the drive to challenge any foe in the name of vengeance.

  2. Considering how a newborn baby can kick the head off some of the most dangerous zombies (and even other creatures if lucky enough!), a god of vengeance represented as a woodcuter may not be far off…

    1. Well, by that metric, a random miner would basically be the most apt representation.
      After all, that are quite often the very best weapon users of the entire fortress.

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