5 thoughts on “Rise and fall

  1. Dwarvenfolk need not arteries, nor bloodflow!… It does help with transporting alcohol through the body, though…

  2. Just found your comics and I gotta say your work is incredibly charming and fun!
    Beautiful artstyle and storytelling!
    And well i guess steel can be more dangerous than wooden weapons Monom.

  3. Found your series from the df subreddit and have been binging it. Great work just wanted to give my regards. Your art is really good! You are able of being comical while simultaneously keeping a good story going.

    PS. Is that an All Might reference from My Hero Academia?

    1. Thanks πŸ˜€ It is a My Hero reference, I called him the “symbol of rage” in the last page, so I couldn’t resist lol.

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