3 thoughts on “Training exercise

  1. I mean, elves CAN kind of kill off people… sometimes… not if you are wearing metal unless you are REALLY unlucky. But, you know, it can happen. The rest of the time they just bitch about trees (ironic when THESE elves had so many fucking books in a library! ‘cos I bet my arse they cannot just grow papper like they do with everything else).

    1. Though to be fair, you can also make paper from animal skin (which, considering the eating habits of these savages, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made paper from more than just animals).

  2. It *could* be a kind of Musashi-type thing, right? Like, they’re so awesomely good at fighting they don’t even need REAL swords. Right?

    Only it never, ever is.

    I once saw an entire elven ambush, two full squads mounted on battle moose, defeated by a single swordsdwarf. The fight was over before the rest of the Sons of Armok could even get their greaves on. (Except for that one contrary moose that busted into the livestock pens and slaughtered all the sheep.)

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