5 thoughts on “Under siege

  1. Do we have dinosaurs in this particular world? I think we need dinosaurs. A good tame T-Rex probably would come in handy.

    Or catapults.

    1. There are catapults for sure (though ballistas tend to be more effective), haven’t seen any dinosaurs but there all sorts of creatures on the way 😉

  2. This is usually when you decide to the the elves in for tea and scones on the Wall about to be assaulted….

    1. I realy shou/dn’t comment when I’m half asleep…

      This is when you invite the elves in for Tea and scones on the Wall about to be assualted by goblins. “We can discuss borrowed books later yes?”

  3. Consider the humble war-trained Jabberer. It’s an elephant sized underground chicken with beaks that are like giant axe blades. Basically a T-rex! Who needs dinosaurs when you have massive combat chickens!?

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