Right now I’m working on two comics, Other Tales and Bridgedflickered.

Other Tales is a collection of short stories all set in the same world. While some of the chapters are standalone stories, many of the characters will show up in each others chapters as their stories weave together. Feel free to jump in at any point.

Bridgedflickered is a yonkoma style strip chronicling my playthrough of Dwarf Fortress.

Other Tales

A festive tale of pumpkonstruction.
The Ascent
A short story about a fish that yearns for a tree.
The First Names
Pages from a book of records from the beginning of all things.

Old doujinshi

The original doujinshi I published in Japan for Hokkaido COMITIA

Trapped in the Dark


Strike the earth! A ragtag group set out to establish a new fort.
Bridgedflickered gets to know its neighbours.
It’s time to make that fort shine!
The drums of war draw in on all sides!
The fort’s militia struggle to hold out against a siege.
Cut off from the surface, the only way forward is down.
The new expansion proves to be a source of wealth.
A new arena and training ground is put to the test.